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Active Singing

Ready to transform your teaching and put active singing and movement at the heart of your lessons by bringing all the benefits of Kodály musicianship to your young beginner piano students?

Enjoyable & Effective

Helen’s approach is child-centred, engaging, enjoyable and accessible for all, whilst being the most effective way to teach and learn music. Your students will succeed as pianists, well rounded musicians and solfa superstars.

Helen's Microsteps to Success

When you follow Helen’s carefully progressive microsteps with her unique, personalised support, every child will feel like a winner. And so will you!

Hi, I'm Helen!

Hi, I’m Helen Russell and I created Doremi Teach Piano because I’m obsessed with helping you create the most effective and fun lessons for your students, so your time and energy can be spent creating lightbulb moments and your students will feel confident and successful.

Before I discovered the Kodály Approach I often struggled to explain complex musical concepts and didn’t have a reliable strategy to identify where a student was going wrong in their understanding or performance. It was hard work.

Over the last 10 years I have studied Kodály pedagogy and applied it to piano teaching. Innovating, trialling and refining with hundreds of students just like yours, and I can’t wait to share my expertise with you.

Want to get to know me better? There’s more about me on my About page.

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What's Inside Doremi?

Helen’s Doremi Teach Piano Course for Kodály Piano Teachers

46 lesson plans across 8 modules that integrate the best of Kodály musicianship into your piano lessons. The lesson plans contain detailed, step-by-step instructions so you will know exactly what to do, and when, to lead your beginner students to success not only as pianists but as rounded musicians and solfa superstars.

Each lesson includes downloadable plans and resources, plus video walkthroughs with Helen.

Plus BONUS access to the Kodály Kickoff for Piano Teachers course

Helen’s Doremi Teach Music Course for group and class teaching

24 lessons across 4 modules to get young musicians started on their Kodály journey, using their singing voices. Perfect for extra curricular music groups or classroom teaching since Helen’s fully progressive curriculum exceeds the expectations of the National Curriculum.

Got a question you want answering? Need help getting started? Looking for inspiration? Want to connect with like-minded teachers and be sociable? Then join our live Q&A Coaching Calls for members. Times vary to accommodate different schedules and time-zones.

Secure members-only online forum full of teachers just like you, where you can…

  • Ask for advice and help each other
  • Get stuck into a discussion
  • Share your wins
  • Connect with other members
Plus our fun member Facebook group for those of us who can’t resist social media

Join in with one of our live musicianship sessions, watch the recording later or check out one of our access anytime courses.

Available inside Doremi right now…

  • Anne Ralph’s Musicianship Series where Anne takes a famous piece of classical music and takes us through fun practical musicianship activities for all abilities. From very easy to very hard. Pieces include Smetana’s Vltava from Ma Vlast, Bizet’s Carmen, Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca, Bartók’s Romanian Folk dances, Kabalevsky’s Clowns, Ravel’s Boléro and Dvořák’s New World Symphony.
  • Rebecca Willson’s innovative Solfa Scales recordings. Practising your solfa fluency has never been so much fun with sessions themed on music from Musicals, David Bowie, ABBA, Folk Music and more. Including introductory sessions to get you started.
  • And so much more including courses on folk songs, dictations and recognising intervals.
Plus BONUS access to the Solfa from Scratch course for total beginners – also a great source of ideas to use with older beginner students.

Access our valuable library of interviews with fascinating expert Kodály musicians and educators

  • Esther Hargittai – Growing up with the Kodály approach in Hungary
  • Nate Holder – Decolonising the music classroom
  • Lucy Clement-Evans – Teaching music in Welsh language schools
  • Naheed Cruickshank – Music teaching in Glasgow and India
  • Ruth Keggin Gell & Dr Chloe Woolley – Music and the Manx language on the Isle of Man
  • Chris Andrews – Prep School Music
  • Hilary Lawson – Early Years Music
  • Anne Ralph – Teaching at the conservatoire in Cork, Ireland
  • Len Tyler – His life as a music education specialist
  • Claire Bowes – Teaching as a blind music teacher in Northern Ireland
  • Emma Torry – Vocal health for teachers
  • Jimmy Rotheram – His experiences as a spokesperson for primary music excellence
  • Beth Brimmicombe – What it takes to become a world champion Barbershop Quartet
  • Lindsay Ibbotson – Results from her Kodály Scientific Study

Courses and live sessions to support all the boring business bits that you need to pay the bills when you’re self-employed

  • Rates – What are you worth?
  • Business structure
  • Contracts, terms & conditions, and cancellation policies
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Confidence building and empowerment

Helen’s a whizz at tech as well as music, so she’ll happily run sessions to solve all sorts of technical challenges. Giving you the same careful step by step instructions that she provides for her music students.

  • Musescore for Music Teachers – learn the basics and how to create those great Kodály-style worksheets and resources using this free software
  • Digital Lesson Notes – ditch those pesky notebooks and switch to a multimedia friendly, parent friendly solution that helps your students practise and helps you plan using this free software

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Doremi Teach Piano curriculum is exclusively inside the membership. That way we can support you to be the successful Kodály piano teacher you’ve always dreamed of.

Only the bonus courses are available separately, but accessing them as a member is better value, gives you all the support from Helen and the community and so much more.

You get access to everything already inside the membership straight away! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in. We regularly update and add new material too – so your content library will continue growing.

We have many members who aren’t piano teachers. Some are class teachers using the Doremi Teach Music curriculum in their lessons. Some aren’t teachers at all and enjoy taking part in our musicianship sessions. Some just love Kodály and enjoy being part of a community of like-minded musicians.

The courses, resources and live sessions are there for you to pick and choose. So you’re very welcome to join us, whatever your background.

Simple! You get access to everything that our members get for 7 days.

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Doremi Membership

7-Day Trial for £1
then £47 per month

Cancel any time in just 2 clicks of your mouse
Recurring payments after the trial period – you can still cancel any time
Hassle-free 14 day money back guarantee