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What do our members say?

“I have really enjoyed being a member of the sofa from the very start: The interviews have been a fascinating insight into others’ Kodály journeys and teaching ideas and are always food for thought. The solfa scales sessions, have definitely helped my fluency. I also like the fact that I can watch again and again. There is always something to learn. I have done every session, since they started and I can’t recommend the Sofa enough.”

Carole, Doremi Sofa

“I love being with like-minded people, having a space to talk, listen and share ideas. Learning new ways to do things.”

Lucy, Doremi Sofa

“I had some great lessons this week with my little kids. I used the Lesson 1 plan and we had great fun. Thank you Helen for your hard work.”

Angela, Doremi Teach: Piano

“I love your delivery and how you make everyone feel relaxed and involved. I already feel more confident. My students will love it!”

Kate, Doremi Teach: Piano

“I’ve been wanting a Kodály focus for piano teaching for a while now. Not all of what works for singing is appropriate for piano. And I think Helen’s great – so I love to learn from her!”

Annabel, Doremi Teach: Piano

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£12 per month

  • Warm and friendly Kodály-inspired community for fun, connection and development
  • Access to Helen, Rebecca and more Kodály experts and enthusiasts
  • Private Facebook community to geek out with other Kodály fans just like you
  • Regular live sessions
  • Library of courses and replays
    • Interviews
    • Sofa Musicianship Sessions
    • Teaching Tips and Q&As
    • Technical Courses
    • Social events
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Upgrade or cancel at any time

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£12 per month

Doremi Teach Sofa

£27 per month

  • Everything in Sofa plus…
  • Growing library of courses for group music teaching suitable for classrooms, group singing or after-school clubs
  • Initial access for the first lessons for children new to learning with the Kodály Approach aged 4 to 7
  • Detailed downloadable lesson plans
  • Video walk-throughs with all the detail you need to succeed with your class
  • Course library growing all the time
  • Discussion forum for each lesson
  • Solfa from Scratch course worth £60
  • Newly launched so get in from the very start
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time

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£27 per month

£47 per month

  • Everything in Sofa plus..
  • Everything in Teach: Music plus…
  • Library of courses for piano teachers using solfa and the Kodály approach in their piano lessons
  • Exclusive Piano Facebook group with access to Helen Russell
  • Detailed downloadable lesson plans for lessons from complete beginners aged 4 to 9
  • Video walk-throughs with all the detail you need to succeed with your students
  • Course library growing all the time
  • Discussion forum for each lesson
  • Exclusive live coaching sessions with Helen Russell
  • Downgrade or cancel at any time

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£47 per month

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