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For music and piano teachers who are inspired by the Kodály Approach


If you’re a music or piano teacher wanting to use the Kodály approach in your teaching, then my Kodály Treasure Chest is just what you need. 

There’s no need to trawl my website looking for hidden treasure! I’ve put all of my best free teaching mini-courses and resources in one place, and I’ll send directions straight to your inbox!


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Introducing Doremi Membership with Helen Russell

Hi, I'm Helen!

I founded Doremi Connect to help teachers like you feel supported and confident integrating the Kodály approach into their teaching.

Many teachers are totally convinced by the benefits of the Kodály Approach. However, despite completing training and buying books, they still aren’t using it fully in their teaching.

I’m not surprised. It took me over a decade to fully integrate it into my piano and music teaching so that I was satisfied my students were getting all the benefits. A decade of studying with the best Kodály practitioners, innovating, trialling and refining my lesson plans with hundreds of students just like yours.

I created Doremi Connect so I can pass on all of that expertise to you. It’s time to start feeling supported and empowered. Find out more about me here.


Explore the Doremi Piano books series taking you from the very first lesson all the way to Western Art Music and exam work. Including books that are suitable for teachers and students without a Kodály background.


Starlight: Simple to Complex. Proving that the Kodály approach is not just for babies

Starlight: Simple to Complex

I just love taking really simple songs that we can use multiple times throughout the journey of students musical education and give them different learning opportunities from simple to complex and thus proving that the Kodály approach is not just for babies, it is can also really can provide very challenging activities for older children, teenagers and even adults!

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