Helen Russell Doremi Connect

Hi, I'm Helen Russell and I'm obsessed with helping you develop your skills to create the most effective and fun lessons for your students, so your time and energy can be spent creating lightbulb moments and your students will feel confident and successful.

Before I discovered the Kodály Approach I often struggled to explain complex musical concepts to my students, and didn't have a reliable strategy to identify where they were going wrong in their understanding or performance. It was hard work.

Since discovering the Kodály Approach I have spent the last 10 years studying, and applying it to my teaching. Innovating, trialling and refining with hundreds of students just like yours, and I can't wait to share my expertise with you.

I have also spent most of the last decade working for the British Kodály Academy as a tutor and member of their Education Planning Board. I've been so fortunate to study Kodály musicianship and pedagogy with the very best tutors including Esther Hargittai, Lucinda Geoghegan, Dr Árpád Tóth, Bori Szirányi, Dr Michael Bradshaw, David Vinden, Dr James Cuskelly and Dr Lászlo Nemes. 

I even found time to grab a few more letters after my name? Wanna see them? Helen Russell BSc(Hons) PGCE ATCL BKC - whooo! Hope you're impressed!

I am particularly proud of my BKC - British Kodály Certificate in Primary Music Education (Level 3) as I was awarded a High Distinction, in addition to my High Distinction for Kodály Musicianship Level 9 from NYCoS.

I also studied extensively with Dr Gillyanne Kayes to develop my vocal technique and pedagogy, and completed the Associate Diploma in Instrumental and Vocal Teaching (that'll be the ATCL) with Trinity College London with the support of the Curious Piano Teachers.

In Worcester, UK - where I live - I teach piano, singing and musicianship and direct community choirs. I also arrange pop songs using solfa for Sheet Music Plus - you might have heard a few at some BKA events over the years!

And when I'm not doing music stuff I am usually looking after my two boys or volunteering as a Scout Leader. Although recently I've started colouring in - yes that's a real hobby!!