I wish I’d found you years ago

Helen’s training is outstanding.

I no longer feel required to seek out or invent things to fill in the “understanding gaps” left by some other materials. Instead I am free to use Helen’s microsteps as a stable springboard for my own inspiration/creativity.

Plus I can still use my favourite pieces from before, but looking through the Doremi microsteps lens has changed how I use them.

Each time I use a lesson idea from her scheme, I am struck afresh by its logic. Repeating the lessons fascinates me because each child responds differently – and the thing they have in common is that they succeed, in their own way.

It’s transformed my teaching and finally given me the confidence to charge what I’m worth.

And it is a pleasure to be part of the encouraging, inspiring Doremi online community with interesting posts, fun sessions and more….
I have been taking Helen’s weekly musicianship classes for over a year and it has totally brought my largely rote-learned theory skills to life, therefore also giving me deeper insight into how I can teach this myself.

I’ve gone from being a curious outsider to an evangelical insider!

I am so happy to be here and tinged with quite a bit of emotion because I wish I’d found you years ago!!

Estelle Pringle
Piano Teacher, North Yorkshire