Hi, I'm Helen!

Hi, I’m Helen Russell and I’m obsessed with helping you create the most effective and fun Kodály-inspired lessons for your students, so your time and energy can be spent creating lightbulb moments and your students will feel confident and successful.

Whether you’re a Kodály beginner or a committed Kodály geek, my resources and courses will help you take your next steps to teaching musical literacy and piano through singing and play.


Download this PDF resource to discover my favourite beginner rhythms and some of the songs I use in my piano lessons 🎹. Includes a quick overview of Kodály rhythm names.


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Want to start using the Kodály Approach in your piano lessons? This video course will teach you the simplest and most effective activities to get started with a playful, singing-based approach. Plus BONUS live online support sessions with me, tailored to your needs. Suitable for Kodály beginners or Kodály geeks like me!


The full package of support for piano teachers who want to deliver fun Kodály Piano Lessons with confidence. Courses, coaching, community, resources and my unique singing-based piano curriculum and lesson plans.


Want to get started with your own Kodály musicianship? In this video course, Helen will get your heart singing and your brain pumping. The lessons instantly accessible and you can work through as fast or as slowly as you like. Plus Helen will be on hand if you get stuck or have questions.