Solfa from Scratch

Do you want to get started on your own Kodály musicianship journey?

Hi, I'm Helen!

Hi, I’m Helen Russell and I created Solfa from Scratch to help musicians and teachers get to grips with the basics of Kodály musicianship.

In my video course, I will get your heart singing and your brain pumping. The lessons instantly accessible and you can work through as fast or as slowly as you like. Plus I will just be one email away if you get stuck or have questions.

Want to get to know me better? There’s more about me on my About page.

What's Inside?

  • improve your tuning when you sing
  • sing from music notation without needing an instrument to help
  • co-ordinate your mind and body to explore beat and rhythm
  • develop your inner hearing in order to succeed in a choir or ensemble
  • understand the building blocks of melody and harmony
  • Repertoire: International Folk Songs and Western Art Music
  • Pitch: Major pentatonic scale
  • Rhythm: Crotchets (Quarter notes), Quavers (Eighth notes) and rests
  • Metre: Simple Duple Metre, Compound Duple Metre and Simple Triple Metre

The course is split across 6 lessons, each containing multiple topics.

You can work through the course as slowly or as quickly as you wish. Track your progress by marking topics complete so you know where you’re up to next time. And return to any lesson to practice at any time.

You’re not alone. I’m here to support you and help you take your first steps. 

So if you get stuck or have questions – just pop me an email and I’ll give you a hand.

Solfa from Scratch

£60 for instant access

Frequently Asked Questions

This class is suitable for

  • total beginners
  • musicians who are new to solfa and Kodály musicianship
  • teachers who would like more confidence teaching music

You get access to the video course and downloadable resources straight away! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in.

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