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New this week:
Musicianship: Bizet’s Carmen
Masterclass: Minor Sounds and Chords
Masterclass: Easy Accompaniments for Improvisation
Musicianship: Ukrainian Folk Lullaby


Kodály Kickoff for Piano Teachers

Getting you started with Kodály in your piano lessons

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Teaching workshops and technical support


Solfa From Scratch

Covers British Kodály Academy Level 1 Musicianship Syllabus

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Musicianship Webinars

Library of recordings from our member musicianship sessions

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Guest Webinars

Fascinating interviews with interesting musicians and educators

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Money Matters

Advice and support to help you value yourself. From money to self confidence.

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Musicianship practice with this do pentatonic song

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Hullabaloo Belay

Learn this beautiful folk song and complete the lessons to develop your musicianship skills – Level 3

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Solfa Scales

Watch Rebecca’s Scales Sessions to improve your solfa fluency

Doremi Teach Music – Primary Kodály Curriculum for EYFS or KS1

Learn more about Doremi Teach Music

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Red A: Voice Types

First half-term of Kodály-inspired music lessons for 4 to 7 year olds

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Red B: Steady Beat

The second half-term preparing and presenting Steady Beat or Pulse

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Red C: Dynamics

Dynamics, lullabies, loud, soft, forte and piano

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Red D: Pitch

High and low awareness and vocabulary

Doremi Teach Piano Courses

(Doremi Teach Piano members only)

Teach: Piano Members

Sing and Play A: Pitch and Rhythm

Introducing pitch and rhythm

Teach: Piano Members

Sing and Play B: Presenting la

Preparing, exploring and presenting the new note la

Teach: Piano Members

Sing and Play C: ta rest

Presenting the rhythm ta rest (crotchet or quarter note rest)

Teach: Piano Members

Sing and Play D: New la motifs

Exploring new motifs with la

Teach: Piano Members

Sing and Play E: New note do

Aural discovery and presentation of do

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