Doremi Teach Piano Roadmap

The first step on your piano teaching journey. Get started with an overview of the approach and how to implement it in your teaching.

This course introduces pitch and rhythm from the very first lesson with a brand new student. By the end of this module the students will have learnt the solfa so and mi, and the rhythm names ta (crotchets/quarter notes) and titi (quavers/eighth notes).

Preparing, exploring and presenting the new note la

Presenting the rhythm ta rest, also known as crotchet rest or quarter note rest

We are feeling confident with our newest note la so it’s time to discover it in new contexts. Working on the so-mi-la-so-mi motif and also so-la-mi motif.

At the same time we’ll be practising our ta rest and also increasing the repertoire for our discovery of the new note do in the next module.

Discover everything you need to know to understand the new note do before finally presenting it.

At the same time we’re still practising ta rest and the new mi-la and la-mi patterns.

Now we’ve learnt do and we’re preparing re it’s time to start thinking about shifting to those white keys. For that we need to know their letter names. Present and practise the musical alphabet while continuing to increase our solfa pitches.​