Doremi Piano Books

Are you looking for resources to use in your Kodály-Inspired piano lessons?

The Doremi Piano books could be just what you’re looking for if you already have your own Kodály-Inspired ideas and are looking for clear and uncluttered repertoire collections to support their inclusion in your teaching.

Sing and Play

Sing and Play is the perfect place to start. A collection of 45 Kodály-friendly pieces that carefully introduce the fundamentals of music, pulse, rhythm, pitch using the Kodály Approach. Draw from your existing Kodály training or join Doremi Membership to learn the games and activities Helen uses in her lessons. Your students will have so much fun they will hardly notice they’re learning!

By the end of the book, students will be playing tonesets up to do-mi-so-la, do-re-mi-so and do-re-mi-fa-so in duple, triple and quadruple metre.

Game Cards

Learning through play is the aim. Make your lessons even more fun with these icon cards and stick notation rhythm flash cards. Attractive and full colour, your students will love creating their own pulse pictures, pitch patterns and rhythms. Plus the heart strips anchor their rhythms and solfa syllable cards help develop their understanding of pitch.

The cards come as A4 sheets that need cutting out.

Let's Play

A series of note reading drills, short reading exercises and pieces to develop reading skills at the piano.

Each drill starts with landmark notes followed by treble and bass sequences increasing in complexity.

Accompanying each set of drills, there is an exercise and short piece. Confident readers can learn these pieces independently, or you can guide them through the reading process to suit each student.

Helen uses it after Sing and Play, in partnership with Going Wild. Also suitable for students without a Kodály background.

Going Wild

A collection of 16 singable folk songs about animals.  Scored on the Grand Staff, it’s suitable for students who have begun to read standard notation. Starting with mi-re-do the pieces gradually move towards more complex tonesets.

Hand movements are introduced intuitively, while the relatively simple accompaniments ensure the student moves forward with confidence. Pieces are in the keys of C, G, F and D majors.

Helen uses it after Sing and Play, in partnership with Let’s Play. Also suitable for students without a Kodály background.

Classical Kick-Off

Move into Western Art Music with this great introduction to classical piano music. 10 pieces carefully selected by Helen to inspire students. Includes pieces composed by Türk, Vogel, Dunhill, Gurlitt, Reinagle and Haydn.

Provides a smooth transition to exam repertoire as some of the pieces have been featured in exam syllabuses.

Helen moves onto this repertoire mid-way through Going Wild when she feels her students are ready for more complex material. Also suitable for students without a Kodály background.


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