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The Benefits of Singing Games

Originally recorded as Live Broadcast November 2022

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If you come into my classroom, whether it’s classroom music, my piano lessons or adult musicianship you will see me playing singing games.

But why are they so important?

If you haven’t got Music and Singing in the Early Years by Zoe Greenhalgh then I highly recommend it.

In the opening of Chapter Two she says “Young Children like to sing and vocalise when they play, and they learn best when they are enjoying themselves. As children are sociable beings who enjoy playful interaction with their peers, singing games offer an excellent way for them to learn without even realising what is occurring!”

What better way to learn than without even realising! But what exactly can they learn through singing games?

I’ve been doing a brain dump on all the benefits. And they’re not all musical.

I’ve got physical development, communication and language, social development, confidence, creativity and so much more.

What’s your number one benefit of singing games – can you even narrow it down to one!?


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