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Most of you are interested in simple musicianship tasks, with only a few of you wanting something advanced. Which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. Should I show you something so advanced it’ll blow your mind and you’ll never think Kodály is for babies ever again! Or should I show something that’s more advanced than the other examples but still achievable for those of you with moderate Kodály skills.

Because I’m lovely, and the most important thing is for you to have fun with your musicianship, I’ve chosen the latter.

So here is a beautiful canon that is suitable for an intermediate student rather than advanced.

Although as always, there are levels to challenge yourself so if it’s too easy, keep watching because I have a suggestion or two that might still stretch you.

And… it goes to a high E flat. So sorry about that! And… I sing that high E flat – badly. So doubly sorry about that!!