Online Musicianship Classes

Want to develop your musicianship and solfa skills?

WARNING: May result in fun, friendships and a life-long obsession with solfa.

Every week Helen, Rebecca and Hannah are so lucky to get to sing with wonderful people from all over the world over Zoom. Lovely singers just like you who want to improve their Kodály musicianship in a warm and nurturing environment.

Sing with me!

Helen Russell BSc(Hons) PGCE ATCL
British Kodály Academy Tutor and Education Planning Board
Author of the Kodály-based Doremi Piano
Teacher of hundreds of piano and singing students using the Kodály Approach
Super friendly and nurturing
Scout Leader in rainy Worcestershire

If you think our students are all super confident in their musicianship, you'd be wrong. They will be the first to tell you! We all make mistakes, learn new things, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, open and brave and we have such a giggle in the process. Everyone is warm and welcoming and we learn together.

Lightbulb moments go off all the time when connections are made between the disconnected and dry music theory of our youths and the vibrant, dynamic and easy to follow explanations from the Kodály approach.

I wish we had a £ for the number of times we've heard "Ohhhh I never understood xyz but now I totally get it!"

Access Anytime pre-recorded course for total beginners (free for Doremi Members)

Fridays at 9:30am BST with Helen Russell

L6 - Thursdays at 4:15pm
L7 - Wednesdays at 7:30pm BST with Hannah Grant

What happens when I sign up?

#1 You will receive an email from your tutor with your Zoom codes
#2 Your tutor will tell you if you need anything special like a pencil or plastic cups
#3 Join the Zoom call at your lesson time, meet your classmates and start singing
#4 You will be muted for most of the lesson and when you're happy to, you can unmute to show us what you can do
#5 Your tutor will explain how to view the lesson recording after the class and if there are any resources to download - any recordings will remain available for at least three months!
#6 Once you've joined your class you can stay with them as you develop your skills together, term after term
#7 Make connections, feel safe and nurtured. It's about more than just the music!

Which level is right for me?

Solfa from Scratch (Level 1) is a 6 lesson pre-recorded course with Helen Russell
Access the course recordings at your own convenience with Helen on hand for email support.
This course is suitable for total beginners, musicians who are new to solfa and Kodály musicianship and teachers who would like more confidence teaching music.

Musicianship for Improvers (Level 3-5) is a weekly Zoom class with Helen Russell on Friday mornings.
We’re expecting students to have prior knowledge of Kodály musicianship, including the major and minor scales. We will be discovering more pentatonic scales, natural and harmonic minor and delving into harmony.
Tailoring to the needs of the class, Helen creates a warm, safe and nurturing environment. Once you've joined your class you can stay with them as you develop your skills together. It's about more than just the music!

Intermediate Musicianship Level 6 is a weekly Zoom class with Hannah Grant on Thursday afternoons
This class introduces modes, looking at their origins and medieval church composition techniques as well as linking them to folk, classical and popular music. We will continue to work on pentatonic scales in increasingly more complex ways, study 2-part pentatonic and diatonic music, develop harmonic hearing working with chord structures, and we will always have dictations and canons to work on too.

Intermediate Musicianship Level 7 is a weekly Zoom class with Hannah Grant on Wednesday evenings
This class includes the transformations of Major to the minors and all of the 7 modes. Interval work within scales and pieces leading to singing them from the same tone. Studying 2-part work with a theme, imitation and inversion. More advanced pentatonic work as well harmonic hearing and popular harmonic sequences, and we will always have dictations and canons to work on too.