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Are you interested in developing your musicianship? Why not join our weekly Zoom musicianship class with Helen Russell?
Friday daytimes at 9:30am – 11:00am BST from 11th June 2021.

The thing with Kodály musicianship is even when we have learnt something, we never stop reinforcing it. So if you haven’t quite grasped something there are lots of opportunities to get a more secure understanding as we revisit concepts in different contexts. Plus we’re building up fluency, which only comes with repetition and practice. No-one is expecting fluency to start with. So don’t be scared. Come and join us!

We’re expecting you have prior knowledge of Kodály musicianship, including the major and minor pentatonic scales and pentachords. The course content will be Level 3 and above.

All Helen’s classes are full of heart, humour and the very best quality singing and musicianship teaching. Helen will get your heart singing, your brain pumping and your giggles flowing. Make meaningful connections with new friends, encourage each other and share successes.

What do people say about Helen’s classes?
Helen, your classes are a joy. I come away with the very best of ear worms, things to practice, things to consolidate and things to learn. Love it.” Maggie
“Fun and inspiring! Quite apart from the brilliant musical presentation, Helen is such a whizz with the graphics!” Laura
May I thank you and applaud you for your great teaching. I am particularly grateful for your sensitivity with me given my tentative hold on some of the material. I really enjoyed it all.”


  • Summer B – Friday 11th June to Friday 16th July 2021 – 6 classes for £75.00

Need Solfa from Scratch? Check out our new class with Helen on Monday afternoons.
Or for a more advanced class try Intermediate Musicianship with Hannah.


Spring B, Summer A, Summer B, Summer Bundle


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