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Want to get started with your own Kodály musicianship? In this video course, Helen will get your heart singing and your brain pumping. The lessons instantly accessible and you can work through as fast or as slowly as you like. Plus Helen will be on hand if you get stuck or have questions.

You will learn how to

  • sing in tune
  • sing from music notation without needing an instrument to help
  • co-ordinate your mind and body to explore beat and rhythm
  • develop your inner hearing in order to succeed in a choir or ensemble
  • understand the building blocks of melody and harmony

Side effects include

  • a life-long obsession with solfa
  • having lots of fun

This class is suitable for

  • total beginners
  • musicians who are new to solfa and Kodály musicianship
  • teachers who would like more confidence teaching music

Over the course of the lessons we will cover Level 1 musicianship

Course included for Doremi Members

What do people say about Helen’s classes?
Helen, your classes are a joy. I come away with the very best of ear worms, things to practice, things to consolidate and things to learn. Love it.
“Fun and inspiring! Quite apart from the brilliant musical presentation, Helen is such a whizz with the graphics!”
May I thank you and applaud you for your great teaching. I am particularly grateful for your sensitivity with me given my tentative hold on some of the material. I really enjoyed it all.”