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Money Matters

Money! We rarely talk about it. We should! Let’s blow that secretive box wide open and help each other find our true worth.


Learn this beautiful Japanese song and complete the lessons to develop your musicianship skills Melody: Level 1Rhythm: Level 1 Remember you can let us know how you get on with each lesson, or with the whole course in the comments at the bottom of the page. Or maybe record yourself doing one of the activities …

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Solfa From Scratch

Solfa from Scratch is a six week class with Helen Russell combining pre-recorded classes with live support. Helen will get your heart singing and your brain pumping while you work your way through the six week course. The lessons are released weekly, helping you schedule your time and allow the concepts to be absorbed and …

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Sing and Play A Pitch and Rhythm

This course introduces pitch and rhythm from the very first lesson with a brand new student. By the end of this module the students will have learnt the solfa so and mi, and the rhythm names ta (crotchets/quarter notes) and titi (quavers/eighth notes).

LIVE: Intermediate Musicianship

Intermediate Musicianship Level 5 and Intermediate Musicianship Level 6 are a weekly Zoom classes with Hannah Grant. Level 5 is on Wednesdays 6:00pm to 7:30pm BST Level 6 is on Mondays 6:00pm to 7:30pm BST All our classes are full of heart, humour and the very best quality singing and musicianship teaching. Hannah will get your …

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Musescore for Music Teachers

Learn how Helen Russell uses Musescore to easily create smart resources for your students. As a published choral arranger and piano method author, Helen has chosen Musescore to make her high quality professional resources. This session will cover creating oversized notation easy stick notation for musicianship classes creating professional sheet music and more…

Solfa Scales and Dictation

Weekly 60 minute combo class where Rebecca Willson enhances her popular solfa scales practise sessions with dictation.  Not your usual scary dictation experience from school, oh no! Instead Rebecca will take you step by step through the wonderfully nurturing and progressive Kodály-inspired dictation. Watch the recordings or join Rebecca on zoom on Mondays at 9:00am (BST) …

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Doremi Piano Overview and Teaching Tips

Join Doremi Piano author Helen Russell as she takes you on an interactive tour of her piano method for children. Learn how Helen introduces the fundamentals of music, pulse, rhythm, pitch using the Kodály Approach. Smoothly integrating singing and games with the physical challenges of learning an instrument.

Contactless Digital Lesson Notes

Instrumental teaching with contactless digital homework notes. In January I did a presentation on Doremi Piano and briefly mentioned my process for recording lesson notes for students digitally. I had a lot of interest in that particular topic and promised to run something more detailed. Suddenly contactless is all the rage and over the lockdown it …

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Singing Class: Ages 4-7

This course is for children aged between 4 and 7. Introduce your children to the fundamentals of music with Helen using children’s folk songs and singing games. Nurture their emerging musicianship! Helen uses the Kodály Approach, a singing approach that engages the children with singing games and movement. Every child has a singing voice, for …

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