LIVE Solfa Scales with Rebecca (Elementary)

Weekly 40 minute solfa scales practice with Rebecca Willson suitable for elementary level musicianship students and above.

Live Zoom sessions on Fridays at 9:20am (BST) for six weeks starting on 11th May 2021.

The aim of these sessions is to improve accuracy and fluency with solfa.

Unless you are one of those very lucky people who learnt solfa as their musical ‘mother tongue’ as a child, it seems very hard to completely eliminate a bit of a processing delay when using it. As a musician the concept of solfa is fairly easy to make sense of but understanding it doesn’t guarantee you get it right in practice every time!

These sessions are about helping to bridge that gap and make it smaller through repetitive practice. I would encourage you not to make any notes to read so that you are entirely using your ear and memory, even if that means making more mistakes to begin with.

Sessions will be recorded to watch again and will be available for the duration of the course and a limited time afterwards.

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