Contactless Digital Lesson Notes

Instrumental teaching with contactless digital homework notes.

In January I did a presentation on Doremi Piano and briefly mentioned my process for recording lesson notes for students digitally. I had a lot of interest in that particular topic and promised to run something more detailed.

Suddenly contactless is all the rage and over the lockdown it was invaluable! So I thought I’d better get on with it!

This training will explain how you can ditch your paper trail, no more lost notebooks, no more parents saying they didn’t know what their child needed to practise, plus no Covid-19 surface transmission as it’s totally contactless for our new contactless world.

  • Homework notes can be multi-media with images, web links, videos, all sorts
  • Shared lessons are a breeze – only one set of homework notes and all the families receive them.
  • If you have set a similar homework for another student you can save time with a quick copy, paste and tweak!
  • Planning lessons is easy when you have access to every detail of their lesson
  • Parents and students can send you messages too if you like

Even better, all the software recommendations are available for free!! So no need to purchase expensive subscriptions.

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