What Exactly Are We Teaching in a Successful Piano Lesson?

piano lesson

This week Helen is preparing the live Zoom launch sessions for the teachers enrolled on Doremi Teach: Piano.

One of the activities will be to brainstorm exactly what we are teaching in a piano lesson.

I set a timer for 5 minutes and scribbled down whatever popped into my head. All the things I’m working on right now with my young beginners.

Can you guess how many things I thought of?


Out of those 49 items I counted 31 as knowledge and 18 as skills. I had to be strict with myself and stop counting because I know there’s even more and I don’t want to be here ALL DAY!

I have no doubt the Doremi Teach: Piano teachers this week will grow the list even more.

It’s no wonder piano teachers need a clear roadmap to navigate our way through piano lessons in an engaging and age appropriate way.

What do you think made it onto my list? I’ll give you a few obvious ones to get you started. WARNING – once you start, you may not stop!


  • Pitch – high and low
  • Pulse – steady and even
  • Rhythm – the way the words go
  • Dynamics – loud and soft
  • Plus at least 26 more


  • Co-ordination
  • Improvisation
  • Transposition
  • Practice strategies
  • Plus at least 14 more

I’ll pop back after our launch sessions and share what we created!

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