Four Depths of Kodály Piano Teaching

Do you have to jump in at the deep end when teaching the piano using the Kodály Approach? I’ll be answering that question in today’s podcast where I talk about the Doremi Four Depths of Kodály Piano teaching.

I’m sharing a lesson from my video course Kodály Kickoff for Piano Teachers. This course is also included in Doremi Membership, which includes live support, coaching and so much more.

I want to reassure you that it doesn’t matter how deep you go into the method, whether you join me all the way to the depths or whether you just dip your toe in the shallows, that you can benefit your students and yourself and your teaching.

So you don’t need to dive in at the deep end unless you want to.

What stops us getting started is feeling overwhelmed at its complexity. And the Kodály approach IS complex. The more that you learn about it the more your brain starts firing off and getting excited.

It’s also beautifully simple! The way we present it to the students is the simplest form of teaching. And that’s what creates the joy and makes me so happy.

I don’t go into a lesson, try to teach something and see puzzled faces. I’ve identified the next microstep and I know they’re going to succeed because I know that they’ve already achieved the previous microstep.

My challenge is to help you realise the benefits and implement the approach in your lessons without getting freaked out. And without, to use my analogy because it’s such a great one, without drowning at the deep end. Because I’m here to stop you from drowning.

Just a warning though, once you get started you might find yourself wandering deeper and deeper because it’s just irresistible! I promise you you will become utterly obsessed and addicted to it!

Listen to the podcast for the rest of the lesson

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