The very first half-term of Kodály-inspired music lessons for 4 to 7 year olds will explore the different voice types, speaking, singing, whispering and thinking. Of course, because it’s a Kodály curriculum we will also be preparing for future modules on steady beat and pitch.

Red: The first year of lessons (subsequent years will follow the order of the rainbow)

Teach: Music courses are split into Lesson Plans and Repertoire

Lesson Plans – video walkthroughs of each lesson plus the downloadable resources

Repertoire – detail for all songs used in the module plus top tips. This will be updated to reflect how the songs are used in later modules. Come here for reminders of songs you will use in your lessons.

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  • 22 Lessons


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  1. I only have a 35 minute music lesson. I see the students 3 lessons out of 4 so about 7 -8 lessons a term (4 terms a year in Australia)
    So approximately 28 lessons a year – not much.
    I have some Kodaly training but I’m struggling to decide how to structure my 7 year curriculum with so many children, so little time and a very hectic day. I’m interested particularly in your k and Year 1 curriculum.
    Would this be useful to me with my limited time? There are so many ideas/material out there things are getting confusing.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      These classes are designed for 30 minute lessons, although longer lessons will give you more time to move between activities and allow more children to take a turn.
      The First year curriculum (Red) has 24 lessons in a year (4 batches of 6), because the first year is always busy settling in and often has Nativity commitments. However future years will have 5 batches of 6, so 30 lessons. Still leaving time for other school commitments.
      One of the main benefits of the Doremi Teach Music approach is the community and support you get as a member. So we can support you to make those difficult decisions and help reduce the confusion!
      Do reach out if you have any more questions