Doremi Teach: Music

Do you want to get your music lessons all planned out for the next half-term without the stress?

When you are not used to planning a music lesson, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Even when you’ve bought all the books and been on all the courses, you can still feel overwhelmed and not actually have a practical lesson plan to take into your classroom.

That’s why Doremi Teach: Music is so valuable! You get

  • Downloadable detailed lesson plans
  • Video walkthroughs of every lesson
  • Helen and Rebecca on hand with their exceptional expertise
  • Quick access demonstrations of every song
  • Full breakdown of game instructions, uses and how activities can develop in complexity
  • Songs accessible from your favourite podcast platform
  • Our super supportive Doremi community of fellow teachers and experts!!
  • Suitable for classroom teachers, music specialists and extra-curricular club leaders
  • Doremi Teach: Music courses support teachers of children aged 4 to 7 who are starting their Kodály journeys.

You’re so busy! Don’t waste time trawling through the piles of resources you’ve collected over the years. We’ve done all the hard work for you! So you know you’re getting the best for you and your students.

As a bonus, you also get free access to Doremi Sofa, which includes our exclusive online Facebook community where Helen hangs out every day with other Kodály geeks and teachers just like you. Doremi Sofa members also enjoy regular live events and Q&A time with Helen.

As a double bonus we’ve also included our Solfa from Scratch course, worth £60, that has been helping people take the first steps in their Kodály journey. Perfect for teachers to see where the approach can take their students over the next few years!

Don’t take my word for it – here’s Doremi member Kate talking about her first lessons using Doremi Teach: Music.

I couldn’t wait to tell you this but my first ever two classes of teaching reception today were brilliant. The utter joy and fun was quite overwhelming!

So a huge thank you. There is no way I would have been able to deliver my first ever proper class lessons without you! Given that music in the school has been taught quite differently I have been really apprehensive about doing something so different and it would have been so easy just to do what was done before. But knowing that I could use your proven lesson plans really does mean that I can feel super confident in not only what I’m delivering but why I am teaching in a Kodály inspired way.

Some staff looked dubious, and I would probably have crumbled if I hadn’t been so sure of the methodology. I think they’ll soon realise the power of teaching in this way.

Can’t wait to teach my Year Ones on Monday! And will let you know how next week’s go.”

Kate, Doremi Teach: Music member

£12 per month

  • Warm and friendly Kodály-inspired community for fun, connection and development
  • Access to Helen, Rebecca and more Kodály experts and enthusiasts
  • Private Facebook community to geek out with Kodály fans like you
  • Regular live sessions
  • Library of courses and replays
    • Interviews
    • Sofa Musicianship Sessions
    • Teaching Tips and Q&As
    • Technical Courses
    • Social events
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Upgrade or cancel at any time

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£12 per month

Doremi Teach Sofa

£27 per month

  • Everything in Sofa plus…
  • Growing library of courses for group music teaching suitable for classrooms, group singing or after-school clubs
  • Initial access for the first terms for children new to learning with the Kodály Approach aged 4 to 7
  • Detailed downloadable lesson plans
  • Video walk-throughs with all the detail you need to succeed
  • Discussion forum for each lesson
  • Solfa from Scratch course worth £60
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time

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£27 per month

£47 per month

  • Everything in Sofa plus..
  • Everything in Teach: Music plus…
  • Library of courses for piano teachers using solfa and the Kodály approach in their piano lessons
  • Detailed downloadable lesson plans for lessons from complete beginners aged 4 to 9
  • Video walk-throughs with all the detail you need to succeed with your students
  • Course library growing all the time
  • Discussion forum for each lesson
  • Live sessions with Helen Russell
  • Downgrade or cancel at any time

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£47 per month