Solfa Scales

Do you want to improve your accuracy and fluency with solfa?

Unless you are one of those very lucky people who learnt solfa as their musical ‘mother tongue’ as a child, it seems very hard to completely eliminate a bit of a processing delay when using it. As a musician the concept of solfa is fairly easy to make sense of but understanding it doesn’t guarantee you get it right in practice every time!

These sessions are about helping to bridge that gap and make it smaller through repetitive practice. I would encourage you not to make any notes to read so that you are entirely using your ear and memory, even if that means making more mistakes to begin with.

What do people say about Rebecca’s Solfa Scales?

Rachel says: “I found the Solfa Scales practice with Rebecca so helpful in imprinting the solfa names and intervals in my head. It made my brain work very hard at first, not having anything written down, but Rebecca took the pace nice and slow and we had plenty of repetition to help embed the patterns in our unconscious. It helped me enormously in my musicianship class as sight-reading was easier because intervals came more easily to mind. It was good working together with others too, even though we could only hear Rebecca. I was able to adjust my pitch to hers, helping with my intonation. I’d totally recommend these sessions!” Rachel attended the intermediate class.

Flora says: “I’ve loved the routine and methodical structure. It’s like being forced to practice scales, you’d never be as methodical on your own but it has helped so much with pitch and patience! I really enjoyed the challenge of using pentatonic scales, purely because I never sing or practice them and I’m not too familiar with them. I think the repetition also encouraged me to try things like singing in thirds or in canon.” Flora attended the elementary class.

Sessions are recorded to watch again and will be available for the duration of the course and a limited time afterwards. There is no requirement to attend sessions in person, although it is highly recommended.

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