Queen Queen Caroline

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Doremi Teach podcast. Today I’m going to teach you a fun rhyme that develops a sense of pulse or steady beat.

Queen Queen Caroline

Queen Queen Caroline

Washed her hair in turpentine

Turpentine made it shine

Queen Queen Caroline

Hello there and welcome to the Doremi Teach podcast. If you’re interested in teaching musical skills and literacy through singing then this is the place for you. My name is Helen Russell from Doremi Connect and I’m going to help you achieve your goals using the Kodály approach.

Benefits of Queen Queen Caroline

  • Develops pulse or steady beat kinaesthetically
  • It’s use of the speaking voice also makes it very attractive for teachers who aren’t yet confident using their own singing voices in the classroom
  • The actions change each phrase to help prepare our students for phrase analysis
  • The rhythm is really simple, just using ta and titi. It’s not the best choice for presenting rhythm because the longer words are spread across two beats but it’s great for practising.
  • They learn a new word turpentine but make sure they know NOT to put it in their hair!

The Game

Use a different pulse or beat action for each phrase

“Queen Queen Caroline” – mime putting on a crown four times

“Washed her hair in turpentine” – mime shampooing your hair

“Turpentine made it shine” – stroke your hair four times

“Queen Queen Caroline” – mime putting a crown on four times

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I hope you have a lovely week, filled with music and singing.

You’ve been listening to the Doremi Teach podcast with Helen Russell from Doremi Connect. Helping you achieve your music teaching goals with the Kodály approach.


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