Over In The Meadow

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Doremi Teach podcast and today we’re going to share a song for younger children to practise listening to live music.

Over in the Meadow

Over in the meadow in the sand in the sun

Lives an old mother turtle and her little turtle one

Dig said the mother, I dig said the one

So they dug all day in the sand in the sun

Hello there and welcome to episode 8 of the Doremi Teach podcast. If you’re interested in teaching musical skills and literacy through singing then this is the place for you. My name is Helen Russell from Doremi Connect and I’m going to help you achieve your goals using the Kodály approach.

Singing using picture books is a wonderful way to engage children, both with reading and with music, and there are so many to choose from.

Over in the meadow is a folk song based on a counting poem written by Olive Wadsworth in the 1800s. There are many picture book versions with slight variations so find your favourite and get singing. I use one published by Walker Books but it seems to be out of print. Doremi member and Kodály expert Anne Ralph has recommended the Barefoot Books edition.

Over in the Meadow is one of the many songs and rhymes that feature in the Doremi Teach: Music curriculum. This one features in the first Module exploring voice types. Check out doremiconnect.co.uk for more details.

Benefits of Over in the Meadow

  • This song is used for younger children to practise listening to live music, your singing.   
  • The toneset is do-re-mi-fa-so-la with a range of a Major 6th so ideal for all teachers
  • The melody is mostly stepwise so it’s easy to sing and to listen to
  • The rhythm is also very simple, just using ta and titi or crotchets and quavers       
  • I wouldn’t expect young children to sing this accurately but as they get older and improve their range and dexterity it would make a beautiful performance piece

So get out there, find a copy of the book and get singing!

There are lots of other picture books that are great for singing. If you have another sat on your shelf, don’t be shy, bring it out and excite and inspire your students.

Make sure you let us know what you think of the rhyme, and if you use it in your lessons. You can get in touch with us through our website at doremiconnect.co.uk

Do share us with your colleagues if you’ve found it helpful

For more resources and free webinars on teaching music through singing make sure you visit doremiconnect.co.uk/freetraining for our latest opportunities.

I hope you have a lovely week, filled with music and singing.

You’ve been listening to the Doremi Teach podcast with Helen Russell from Doremi Connect. Helping you achieve your music teaching goals with the Kodály approach.

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