Behind the scenes of Helen’s first music lesson

It’s Episode 11 and I’m going to give you a sneaky peek behind the scenes of the first lesson with my youngest beginners.

Hello there and welcome to the Doremi Teach podcast. If you’re interested in teaching musical skills and literacy through singing then this is the place for you. My name is Helen Russell from Doremi Connect and I’m going to help you achieve your goals using the Kodály approach.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit nosy. And I bet you are too! That’s why this episode I’m going to share the audio from the video walkthrough of the very first lesson in Doremi Teach: Music.

Over the last ten episodes I’ve shared songs and rhymes to use at this level, but this is a full walkthrough showing how to bring all of those together into a coherent lesson.

It’s a demonstration, interspersed with tips and explanations.

My Doremi Teach members get access to the video version, which is helpful when the songs have actions. They also get the downloadable lesson plans and resources.

So let’s get started on our first module, exploring voice types.

Main Objective: to experience different voice types

Plus we’ll be introducing most of the songs we’ll be using this term.

  • Hello Everyone
  • Balloons
  • We Are Dancing in the Forest
  • Engine Engine
  • Zoom Zoom Zoom
  • Chop Chop Choppity Chop
  • Jelly on a Plate
  • Over in the Meadow

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I hope you have a lovely week, filled with music and singing.

You’ve been listening to the Doremi Teach podcast with Helen Russell from Doremi Connect. Helping you achieve your music teaching goals with the Kodály approach.


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