Tsuki Feel the Beat and Rhythm

Create a beat pattern for the song.

It’s in quadruple simple metre, so four ta beats in a bar. Make the first action stronger than the subsequent three. You could…

  • Clap and tap your knees – clap tap tap tap
  • Clap and click – clap click click click
  • Clap click shoulders click – demonstrated in the video below

Then tap the rhythm.

First just tap the rhythm, but then use these ideas to experience the beat AND rhythm together

  • ask a friend to perform the beat while you tap the rhythm
  • ask if they will tap the beat on your shoulders so you can feel as well as hear it
  • or use a metronome for the beat

For an extra challenge

See if you can do both on your own

  • tap the beat with your foot and clap the rhythm
  • walk the beat and clap the rhythm
  • tap the beat with one hand on your knee and the rhythm with the other hand and knee
  • swap, to practise on both sides

Steady Beat Demonstration Video