5 Essential Questions Before Teaching Older Students with the Kodály Approach

Here are five essential questions you need to ask yourself, before starting older students with the singing based Kodály approach.

Whether it’s in a piano or other instrumental lesson, a singing lesson or in a class setting, this topic crops up all the time during my coaching calls inside the Doremi Membership.

Key Questions:

  • How old are they? Primary, tweens, teenagers, adults?

  • What level are they? Young beginner, older beginner, intermediate or advanced, transfer students

  • What are their strengths and weaknesses? Pulse, rhythm, pitch awareness, reading, musical phrasing, theory, key signatures, scales, aural exam preparation?

  • What is your goal? Why Kodály? You’ll have more success and add more value if you have a clear goal in mind.

  • How much time have you got? How long are lessons and what else do you need to cover in that time? Is there an upcoming performance or exam, or are they changing teacher soon?

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