Doremi Worcester

Do you want your child to develop a love of music?

“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.”

Cheryl Lavender, Doctor of Music Education

Sing and Play with us!

Helen Russell BSc(Hons) PGCE ATCL BKC
Helen is a well-loved and fully qualified teacher of hundreds of happy piano, singing and musicianship students!
She’s always super friendly and nurturing and when not singing, you’ll find her in a field somewhere in Worcester with her Scouts

Helen founded Doremi Connect for music teachers who think about music education a little differently to most.

We’ve worked hard to understand how children learn, breaking down musical elements into age-appropriate microsteps. It’s so popular we even train other teachers to teach in the same way.

We teach highly effective, fun and entertaining music lessons filled with singing and music making, and our students can’t wait for their next lesson.

We KNOW that we have created the smallest microsteps so our students will always succeed

We KNOW what we’re looking for to tell us they are ready for the next step

We KNOW that if they aren’t ready, we have a ton of strategies to help get them there while they still feel like winners

And our secret ingredient? SINGING

We’ve tested and refined our singing-based curriculum with hundreds of children because…

Singing is THE most enjoyable AND effective way to teach musical skills and literacy.

And here’s why:

#1 – Every child has a voice. It’s free and ready to use from birth.
#2 – Singing together creates calmness, community, confidence and self-esteem
#3 – Success in music is internal, involving the body, mind and hearing
#4 – The enjoyment of listening to music is enhanced by musical skills
#5 – Musical self-esteem in adults is linked to their perception of their singing skills
#6 – Once musical skills have been mastered, application to an instrument is easier
#7 – Ofsted love it! They want to see music making and they want to see skill development

That’s why Doremi Connect teachers sing with our students in EVERY lesson, even instrumental lessons!

But we don’t stand still – oh no!

Our lessons are rammed with singing games, preparation activities, physical, aural and visual exploration of sounds, improvisation, composition, melody, rhythm – EVERYTHING.

Singing is valuable in itself but it also develops:

  • Performance skills: singing tunefully, expressively and healthily with movement
  • Creative skills: improvising and composing
  • Listening skills: actively listening to music such as folk songs and Classical repertoire
  • Social and health skills: confidence, self-esteem, respect for others, trust, turn taking, breathing, posture, calmness and focus in other school work too
  • Academic benefits: speech and language, reading, phonological awareness, vocabulary, spatial awareness, positional language and numeracy

“Musical activity involved nearly every region of the brain we know about, and nearly every neural subsystem.”

Daniel Levitin, This Is Your Brain On Music