Using Solfa in Piano Lessons


If you’re a piano teacher wanting to use the Kodály approach in your teaching, then I’ve got a great free video on using solfa in your piano lessons.

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Taken from my course Kodály Kickoff for Piano Teachers, this free 16 minute video guide includes

  • How I map the concept of pitch to the piano keys
  • My first activities to notate pitch
  • How to transpose from the start
  • How I introduce stave notation
  • Understanding the clef-less stave
  • How solfa syllables relate to the keys
  • Using solfa to transpose into C, F and G major
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Hi, I'm Helen!

Hi, I’m Helen Russell and I’m obsessed with helping you create the most effective and fun Kodály-inspired lessons for your students, so your time and energy can be spent creating lightbulb moments and your students will feel confident and successful.

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