Doremi Teach: Piano

£47.00 / month

Includes Doremi Sofa and Doremi Teach: Music membership

You’re just a few clicks away from the training and support you need to become a confident, successful and supported Kodály piano teacher.

Helen says “I’ve spent years developing my Kodály inspired piano approach. I blush when I remember the early days pre-Kodály and the clumsy way I tried to incorporate the approach when I first learned about it. I know how hard it is to decide what to do, when to do it and how to do it effectively. I’ve produced books, blogs and even videos to pass on my knowledge but so much more is needed to truly nurture and support teachers to succeed.

Music is a complex, multi-dimensional subject and so is teaching music. Becoming an effective piano teacher requires the same careful, skill development as learning an instrument. Which is why we’ve developed Doremi Teach: Piano.”

This is not your usual teacher training course
Doremi Teach: Piano is unique and effective. You will be nurtured and guided from the very start, carefully developing your skills, knowledge and understanding. Focussing on building you into a more confident, effective and happy teacher.

You can choose to follow our detailed lesson plans or, with a full understanding of the rationale and pedagogy, you’ll be able to develop and adapt to suit your teaching. Most importantly, you’ll receive continuous support and coaching, including our exclusive Facebook group.

You deserve it, and so do your students!

Annabel says
“I’ve been wanting a Kodály focus for piano teaching for a while now. Not all of what works for singing is appropriate for piano. And I think Helen’s great – so I love to learn from her!”

How is Doremi Teach delivered?

  • Live Zoom sessions inspired by the needs of the group
  • A growing video resource bank to access anytime
  • Discussion forum for each lesson
  • Exclusive Facebook community for expert and peer support
  • Encouragement, support and guidance from experts who walk the walk
  • Includes access to Doremi Teach: Music
  • Includes access to Doremi Sofa

Do you wish you had …

  • Engaged and excited students, and happy parents? Even if they don’t practise at first?!
  • More confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills?
  • A clear plan to nurture your young pianists so they always feel successful?
  • Experts on hand to help you troubleshoot?
  • A community of piano teachers who share your values and approach to teaching?
  • Support and companionship through the good, the bad and the silly?

Are you …

  • A piano teacher interested in what the Kodály approach can add to your lessons?
  • A musician or music teacher thinking about teaching piano?
  • A parent or grandparent wondering how to introduce piano to your little ones?
  • A confident or curious teacher looking for new ideas?
  • Open and honest and looking for a coach or mentor who shares your values?
  • Searching for a community to belong?

How are the training modules structured?
Imagine you have a new young student starting lessons as you start this course. Each module covers everything you would need in order to teach your student. A combination of repertoire, skills, lesson plans and troubleshooting. Alongside the development of your own teaching skills and an exploration of your own style, ideas, creative thinking and problem solving.

Who is the Principal Tutor?
The Doremi Teach team is led by Helen Russell BSc(Hons) PGCE ATCL the author of the Kodály piano method Doremi Piano. Helen has years of experience teaching piano, musicianship and community choirs. She even used to be a classroom teacher in a previous life. Currently she combines her work with Doremi Connect with her school teaching, private studio and the British Kodály Academy. When she’s not teaching music she is teaching fire-lighting and survival skills to her Scout group! So not much will phase her!

What if I change my mind?
The beauty of Doremi Teach is there is no risk. There’s no large payment up front. Doremi Teach has a monthly fee that can be cancelled at any time, giving you complete peace of mind.

So you can give us a try, risk free!

We are super confident you won’t want to leave but if you’re not happy then do get in touch. We are ready to listen, and to help.