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Workshop: Reassurance, Resources and Reasons to Sing
Thursday 6th December 2021, 6:30pm GMT
Are you one of the many teachers who lack confidence in teaching music? Will you attend my free online workshop? It’s just one small step towards a future of confidence and competence in your music teaching.
Bring along your own questions, worries and problems or listen to our Frequently Asked Questions. Helen will provide practical tips and reassurance to help you achieve your goals as a teacher.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect and not certain if it would apply to me – and happy to report it did. It was interesting and reassuring. I like Helen’s skill at offering informed and practical suggestions to people’s concerns. I liked Helen’s practical activities and tips in the session – suitable across the board.


Thank you so much Helen for your generosity in putting on this free workshop. I found it extremely helpful.  You are such a warm person, great communicator and teacher. And you present your resources in such a professional way. 

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