Benefits of Singing Games


If you’re a music teacher wanting to use the Kodály approach in your teaching, then I’ve got a great free course on the benefits of singing games.

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My free mini-course includes 

  • Videos, with transcripts, describing each benefit
  • My favourite songs and games to achieve them
  • Recommended books for more games
  • Links to books, papers and articles for further reading
  • Perfect for increasing your understanding and for explaining your approach to parents and senior leaders.
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Hi, I'm Helen!

Hi, I’m Helen Russell and I’m obsessed with helping you create the most effective and fun Kodály-inspired lessons for your students, so your time and energy can be spent creating lightbulb moments and your students will feel confident and successful.

Whether you’re a Kodály beginner or a committed Kodály geek, my resources and courses will help you take your next steps to teaching musical literacy and piano through singing and play.