Musicianship Assessment Stage 2





Musicians and students can have their skills assessed by Doremi Connect.

Students record their submissions in the comfort of their own home and when they are satisfied their work meets the standard they can be uploaded for assessment. This flexible approach benefits the students as there is no pressure to complete all the assessment requirements at the same time.

Submissions can be audio or video. Submissions can be uploaded together, or one at a time.

Syllabus Outline

  • Pieces
    • Sing three do pentatonic songs with text
  • Part Work
    • Sing a song with text and clap the rhythm
    • Sing a song with text and an ostinato
    • Sing a song in simple duple metre and conduct
    • Sing a song in compound duple metre and conduct
  • Solmization
    • Sing two songs in solfa
    • Sing one song with rhythm syllables
  • Technical Work
    • Sing the extended do pentatonic scale
    • Sing all the do pentatonic intervals
  • Literacy
    • Read from stick notation
    • Read from stave notation
    • Complete musical terminology quiz
  • Creativity
    • Compose a melody
    • Sing the melody in solfa
    • Notate the melody in stave or stick notation