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Solfa from Scratch is a nurturing weekly zoom class with Helen Russell. All our classes are full of heart, humour and the very best quality singing and musicianship teaching. Helen will get your heart singing, your brain pumping and your giggles flowing. Make meaningful connections with new friends, encourage each other and share successes. You will learn how to

  • love your own voice
  • sing healthily and in tune
  • sing from music notation without needing an instrument to help
  • co-ordinate your mind and body to explore beat and rhythm
  • develop your inner hearing in order to succeed in a choir or ensemble
  • understand the building blocks of melody and harmony

Side effects include

  • a life-long obsession with solfa
  • making new friends
  • having lots of fun

This class is suitable for

  • total beginners
  • musicians who are new to solfa and Kodály musicianship
  • teachers who would like more confidence teaching music

The class follows the British Kodály Academy musicianship syllabus and will cover Levels 1 and 2.

Term Dates:

  • Summer B – Monday 7th June to Monday 12th July 2021

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