LIVE: Musicianship for Beginners

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If you like to sing in a choir, in a band, in a classroom or have only ever sung in the shower then these classes are for you. In such difficult times, music and singing has never been so important. It calms the mind, increases confidence, self-esteem and focus. All Helen’s classes are full of heart, humour and the very best quality singing and musicianship teaching.

Helen combines her experience teaching adults and children pop vocals and piano with her dedication to the highest quality musicianship and music education.

This six week course will get your heart singing, your brain pumping and your giggles flowing.

Musicianship for Beginners (Level 1) takes you through the fundamentals of music using the Kodály Approach. Including

  • solfa
  • beat
  • rhythm
  • metre
  • reading
  • dictation
  • improvisation and composition

Students who feel competent in the Stage 1 curriculum can have their skills assessed by entering the Doremi Musicianship Assessment Stage 1